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Merry Christmas... Eve....

2008-12-22 17:55:27 by technolife

hi everyone! is everybody in the holiday cheer?

this may be random, but when you guys get an awesome present, what is your reaction? usually i just smile and say "thanks" im not very excited when it comes to presents. even if it is the best present in the world.

well, its almost christmas... and my birthday! i hope i get a really good gift...

oh! does anybody have an account on if you do, add me, or if you have no clue what im talking about, ignore this :)
im Akitomo Tanaka... so add me if you want ^_^ when im not on newgrounds.. im on gaiaonline

these are probably my favorate japanese songs in the whole world *_*

Dear You -Higurashi no naku koro ni (the anime SSD posted one time)

/* */
Hanamaru Sensation (dunno the artist) anime: nico nico douga (i heard it was an anime for adults)

/* */

Merry Christmas... Eve....

LOM episode 2

2008-12-21 22:39:48 by technolife


im sooooooo sorry that i didnt make the story yesterday TT_TT you see, the christmas party was yesterdy and i was really busy.... :( im using my mom's computer right now because my computer has somthing wrong with it and keeps restarting and so i cant use it, or put the second episode's pic on :( im sorry everybody....

~~~ Legend of Mana episode 2

*mana sprinted away from the castle as fast as she can. she constantly turned corners in the city. now she reached the marketplace. she stopped and took a breath. she decided to take a break. hopefully the marketplace gaurds wont notice who she really was.*

* she is on the run to see her close friend... Hakujo. a little wolf demon girl. sky-blue hair, and fiery eyes... she looked a bit odd woth the mixture of warm and cold colors. same with her appearance, she has a colorful personality and talents. she is great at almost anything. she can act, sing, dance, and she does great at school work. shes the reason Mana is doing so good in princess tutoring! Mana thought she would be a great deal better at being a princess than she was.*

*now that Mana got her break, she started to sprint, but stopped, she almost ran into somone.*

person: hey, little miss! would you like to be a famous track star??

*the person was a male bull demon and was probably around 30. he showed her a paper, probably a contract, and a quill pen.*

Mana: no im in a hurry! get out'a the way!!

*mana whent around the man, but stopped again. the strange man clutched her arm*

Mana: hey lemme go! whats your problem?!

man: no, what's YOUR problem? you have a great talent!!

*the man looked her up and down, as if scanning her, then looked at her face again.*

man: eheheeheh... looks like you have TWO great talents!! ^///~

Mana: EH?!

* the man clutched her arm even harder this time*

man: you SURE you dont want to be a track star?? because you get lots of money and pretty clothes...

man: and if you become a track star, ill award you with somthing...

*the man clutches harder, and hes now hurting her a bit...*

man: so what's it gonna be?~

* mana needs to get out of this.. so she did the only thing she can do...shout, and act like shes afraid*

Mana: AAAGH!!! help!! get this man away from me!!!

*everyone looks around the man and her and a gaurd comes to us*

~~~end of pt 1

sorry guys but i got to go because my mom is timeing me and i dont know if i can come back on tonight.. GRRR....

ugh i hate my step parent and my real parents... such a pain..
(EDIT) okay, now i accually have all the time i want, here is part 2!

~~~~PART 2

gaurd: sir, im going to need you the exit the marketplace.

* two men, one is in his 20's, the other in the 50's, and a woman maby the same age as the stange man, ran to the strange man clutching Mana's arm*

woman: Renoglio! let go of her!!

young man: he probably had too much of those beer samples...

old man: we are very sorry, little missy!

*the old man bows in apology*

old man: ouch...

woman: gaurd, its okay! hes just a bit drunk...

gaurd: well you guys need to take him gome immediatly.. if i see this happen again, i report you guys and you will have a debt of 300 coins...

woman: *sigh* ...

young man: sorry, kid. here.. have these.

* the young man handed her a pair of running shoes*

young man: please accept our apology. i see you look like your in a hurry.. so maby those will help.

Mana: thank you. very much ^_^;;

* mana slid off her pair of boots and set them in her bag. then she put on the shoes and tied them carefully.*

Mana: well, see ya!

young man: wait! before you go, what's your name?

Mana: im Man-

* she almost forgot! she needs a fake name....after all, she IS running away from the castle!*

Mana: I'm... Harly ^_^''

Dakota: im Dakota! its nice to meet you! so.. ill see you soon!

Mana: you too!

*Mana began to sprint again. but theres somthing running through her mind.. she didnt know if he was a demon.. she couldnt see a tail anywhere....*

* mana put that at the last thing she'll think about.. all that is important right now is that she needs to meet Hakujo... in the town Well.*


*mana finally reached the old town Well... this is where Hakujo lives. she is an orphan and didnt had even 1 coin to her name.. its hard to beleive that such a talented person had to live such a terrible life...*

*mana whent down the latter she and hakujo built. when she finally reached the bottom, she looked around. she had'nt been in here in a long time...*

* the cave was lit with candles. there was a small coffee table with cushions around it.. she couldnt afford a good table and chairs. there was a little fireplace, that still had fire burning in it. Mana walked over to Hakujo in her sleeping bag and shook her*

Mana: wakey wakey eggs'n'baky :D

Hakujo: *groans* im not a little kid, let me sleep....!

Mana: but today is the day!! its the day we journey to stop the war!

Hakujo: awwwww.... fine..

*hakujo woke up and found herself already in clothes*

Hakujo: well, i guess i dont need to get dressed... by the way, did you get everything we need?

Mana: of course i did!

Hakujo: okay.. well, i guess we go then...

* hakujo followed Mana out of the well and into the foggy, cold air of the town. *

Mana: so where do we go first?

*hakujo took out her map and unrolled it*

Hakujo: okay... we exit the town, and walk 9 miles to a small place called Gam village... they have a small inn there.

Mana: okay.. so lets go!

~~~ end of episode 2

thanks for reading! and dont forget to comment!
hehe.. i love this song :D

So What I'm A Rockstar- Pink

/* */

LOM episode 2

My Early Arrival

2008-12-18 20:27:14 by technolife

well, since i found out that today and tommarow is a half day, im coming back to NG a bit early :D


column 1-- Tests, Tests, Tests, and guess what? REVEIWS!

WELL we had semester tests this week.. but it wasnt that bad... :P
i got to see 2 of my test grades early :D
for my History test i got 87!
for my Science test i got 87 also! ^_^
i feel pretty pround of myself ^_^ well, i thought i wouldve got around a 70 of my science and fail my history one, but i was lucky ^_~

the test i worried the most about was my Choir one.. there was some questions that we learned RIGHT before the test and i hade a feeling i might have failed it TT_TT they were HARD!!! i guessed on some of them and chose answers that sounded like it sounded it made sense on the others.....
the two tests i did today was English and Art. we had a reveiw for english and it had HALF of the answers on the test and after that we got a card to put notes on, and i copied the answers onto my card.. i felt guilty, but i was TERRIBLE at opinion. i hope i pass it... and for Art all we had to do was look around the classroom for the answers. easy.
now tomarrow i have my health test. everybody says its easy cus we get to use our health books.. so i feel confident about that.

column 2---- X-mas partay!

tomarrow im going to ride the bus with my friend to her house. why exactly? because i going to her christmas party! well.. it isnt exactly HER christmas party. its accually an adult christmas party. so there are going to be some older people drinking... ive got to be careful. oh, and i dont exactly know the time when it ends.. but im going to call her after i finish this post. ill edit it and tell you guys when it ends.

column 3------presents!

OH MY GOD! my kinda-annoying friend gave me an incredible birthday/christmas present! she gave my the book, Twilight! i feel so happy ^_^ i promised her that ill try not to yell at her :D

this guy that likes me at school gives me so much stuff TT_TT i wish he would stop so that i didnt feel so guilty!!! he gave me a candy cane, lotion, and what i feared the most-- DIAMOND EARRINGS!! TT_TT i dont like wearing earrings and the bad part was that it was expensive... and there was 3 pairs ._. i desperatly need to be rescued!

column 4---------- early episode?

im thinking about moving the 2nd episode of LOM (legend of Mana) tomarrow night.
oh well.. it depends on when the party ends, i guess ^_~


well... that is all the news of my week i can provide for you guys!

Bouken Desho Desho Cascada Remix (one of my favorate remixes! hope you enjoy it as much as i do!)

/* */
(p.s.) beleive it or not, but i used to be a sasuhina fan :P hahaha! how foolish i was XD
but im not anymore, so dont freak :P

My Early Arrival

another week..

2008-12-14 22:24:02 by technolife

well here comes another bust school week!
see you guys on friday! bye!

another week..

LOM (legend of mana) ep1

2008-12-13 17:42:48 by technolife

before you read**

thank you guys, but i dont feel like waiting a whole week to write my story's 1st episode...
i will write a new episode every saturday, so stay tuned! if you dont like it, just be simple and dont go over board. since this is my first episode, it might be a little you know um... *ehem* bad.
go easy on me since this is my first episode and-

kirby: just start!!
me: geez, okay! *ehem* well... enjoy!!

/* */
it was an early winter morning in Asaisa. the fog was whispering through the town of Caspasen and the sun was waking up not long ago.

inside the castle, where the princess lives, of course, the princess, Princess Mana, was packing her small leather bag with food, a knife, a cantine, and so on.

Mana: How dare they dont let me participate in the War!
she gets up, and walks out side her door to the gaurd
Mana: Get Cheif Tyk in here immediatly!
Gaurd: Y-yes, Miss Mana!
the gaurd joggs through the large hall and turns left around the corner.
the princess walks back to her bag on her bed and continues to put tools into her bag.

the princess was a beautiful young woman. long, black hair, pale smooth skin, and yellow, sparkling eyes. and how dazzling her red and gold dress was on her!

Asaisa, the country of demons, were in a bloody war with Naret, the country of Humans.

the princess, was a common Cat demon. black ears, a tail, and whiskers

suddenly her door gave a small creek. Mana turned around, and gave a suprised look. she looked like a child cought sneaking a cookie. but Mana took a deep breath, and relaxed when it was Cheif Tyk at the door

Cheif Tyk: ! S-sorry if i scared you princess! what is it you want to speak with me?
Tyk was a young man, about Mana's age. he had spiky red hair and was a little tan. he had sea-green eyes and was a Tall Elf demon, so he had long, dark ears.
Mana: Of course you didnt scare me! ... Why cant i participate in this war? or why cant we just surrender?!
Cheif Tyk: *sigh* not this again...
Cheif Tyk: well 1, if you participate in the war, you WILL be killed. not MIGHT. WILL. and 2, if we surrender, those humans will take everything from our cistzens and us! they will hang anyone who runs away, and will take our country! and worse, they will kill you... and i dont want them to kill you! because if they DO kill you.. i will.. i will..
Mana: ok.. i get it.. please.... sit... down....
Cheif Tyk: i would cry and i will cry b-because i lov-
Mana: CHEIF!
cheif tyk silenced. tears were running down his face. he only had two weaknesses.. his 1st weakness is her. and his second one... is going overboard about a topic.

Mana: Okay... i wont participate in the war.. you may go now.
tyk looked down. he felt so embarassed! he turned and walked slowly to her bedroom door.
Mana: wait!
tyk looked up, stopped and turned his head. he found Mana, standing very close to him and she took his hand.
Mana: im sorry i made you upset.. and to make it all up i wont go..
What a terrible lie!
mana looked, up, closed her eyes, and then...
she kissed him.
Tyk thinking: *WHA????!!!!!!!!!*
tyk started to blush until he turned dark scarlet. then it started to feel like they have been kissing forever!
until mana slowly pulled her lips away.
tyk's blushing slowly faded away. and his face brightened and he smiled
mana smiled back but then it turned into a frown
Tyk: what's wrong?
Mana: im sorry...
mana *took a deep breath and held it. tyk was very confused now...
then out of nowhere, some unkown gas filled the air and tyk was knocked out!
Mana thinks: i feel bad having to use a knock-out smoke bomb on him...
Mana walked into her closet and put on a skirt, a black jacket, and a scarf. then she pulled on some wool knee-high socks and boots.

she walked back to her bed still holding her breath and took out the knife and drew it close to her head, and cut her hair short. then cut her cheeks a little. just to make some scars

she did this so nobody would notice her...
she took her bag and got a folded up latter, then unfolded it and set it outside her window...
she climbed down and took a breath of fresh air.
Mana: now to meet a close friend...

End of episode 1

thanks for reading! now heres a picture i made of Mana and Tyk!
i didnt put much heart into it so it might not look so awesome...
make sure you comment!

LOM (legend of mana) ep1

news! 1

2008-12-12 19:45:24 by technolife

EDIT3: legend of mana (story) vote
EDIT3: Legend of Mana (name) vote
EDIT2: sonic charactor changed
EDIT2: (3) new song video(s)
EDIT: new photo
EDIT: new funny vids (2)
EDIT: a random vide- okay you know what?!!! im quiting!!!! me: noes!!! dont go!!!

total collumns: 6

HI~! !!

im so glad im back! ^_^

well---------- its almost christmas, and (dont forget) my birthday!
i hope i get lots'o' presents!! *hint hint*


for some reason, my friend isnt hanging out with me much... im happy that she has more friends now but.... its getting a tiny bit too far...


yay! i found my sweats for gym :D!!
that means i dont have to wear shorts anymore for winter ^_^


oof! speaking of Winter- its getting a LOT more colder here!!
but it snowed for like, 20minutes and i was at school, and it also didnt snow much :[
no fair!!

Friday (today)

gahhh!! im sick! TT_TT
but at least i didnt have to go to school today! YAY!!!!


well im now opening a vote for my new story :
Lengend of Mana
well.. im going to let you guys suggest the name of the story and if you guys want me to write it! ^_^

here is how the story nameing works: i will choose 5 names and after i choose 5 names i want you guys to vote which one would be better!

do you want me to write my story: Legend of Mana?
yes (3)
no (0)

Lengend of Mana names:
1 Legend of Mana (2)
2 The Mana Saga (1)
3(none) (0)
4(none) (0)
5(none) (0)

okay, one more note!

i will write down what i edit on the top of the post. and whatever i edit i will show what collumn of the post i did. make sure you check often!

okay guys! thats all!

its my life! [remix]

/* */
Mwahahaha! dance to the trance!! >:D
Trance- so irresistable

/* */
My all-favorate techno song in the world!!!
Kiss Me Again

/* */
my 2nd fav techno song :D
Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire

/* */
now for some Lucky Star and Kirby related vids :D

Kagamin's Gourmet Race

/* */
Konata's Gourmet Race (kyaaa!! Kona-chan!!!! so kawai~~!... sorry i had an "oh, so cute" moment)

/* */
Tsukasa's Gourmet Race (she sounds like she's saying kinky...)

/* */
LUCKY STAR SUPER MARIO WORLD!!! holy crap she looks like me

/* */

news! 1

Away-- in a manger...

2008-12-06 19:32:00 by technolife

(EDIT1) playing TricksterOnline... see you guys soon!!
(EDIT2) i almost forgot! im not going to be on dring the weekdays... see you guys on friday!


for once i acually had a good week at school!
(well, besides the fact that i missed the bus once)

and my "friend" didnt annoy the f**king hell out of me! yay! ^W^
next week i got a christmas choir concert.. *sigh*

the songs we are going to sing:

Manger Carols (its silent night and another carol at the same time)
Kanine Christmas Concerto (its the 12 Days of Christmas, but in dog form! ^_^ kawaii!)
Hot Chocolate

i have to do part 2 for Manger Carols, so i have to sing Silent Night and Silent Night again, but lower
i have to do part 2 for Hot chocolate, so i have to sing lower and part 1 and part 2 have only 1 solo....
everyone in my class likes Hot Chocolate, but personally, i like Manger Carols!

you guys might br tired of these, but i thought about making a story too...
and NO its not about us and newgrounds sadly... but its a story i made by myself!
i also have TONS more stories i could do, but this one is a new one, and i REALLY like it so far....
Legend of Mana is its name ^_^ (i couldnt think of any more titles because i thought of lots of stories and couldnt think of anymore, and then one day i was watching a LoZ flash on NG and the rest is history)

well, you guys may heard on SSD's post that he has a new name, Clash.
well me too.. its this name my cousins used to call me and so...yea...
anyways, the name's Maizy guys! *stands proudly, but feels a bit embarassed for some reason*
i forgot to say this a LOONG time ago, but i used to have browns wavy hair,
but now i cut it to a little bit above my shoulders, and personally, i LOOOVE IT!
so now you wont see much long-hair anime me pics anymore!

yay! now its time for a really DEEP love poem i found on my friend's profile on Bebo (well it isnt a poem, but bare with me!)

Anyone can touch your body,

a few will touch your heart,

but one will touch your soul.

As you left and said your goodbyes,

you forgot to tell my heart

how to live without you.

Don't say you love me

unless you mean it,

because I might do something

like BELIEVE it !

Don't spend your life with someone you can live with.

Spend it with the one you can't live without.

Don't wait for love whatever you do,

people can't make your dreams come true.

Every moment I don't see you

is like an eternity without sun,

a lifetime without breath,

and every time I do see you,

the light is there but

my breath still takes it's leave.

Falling in love is when you lay in his arms

wake up in your dreams.

Fate brought us together once...

Why not believe in fate again ?

For it was not into my ear you whispered

but into my heart.

It was not my lips you kissed,

but my soul.

God can heal a broken heart, but he has to have all the pieces.

I don't know what it is you do to make me smile,

I don't know what it is that you do to make me happy,

I don't know what it is that you do to make me feel all warm inside,

But all I know is that I think I love you.

I have to admit that I fell in love twice.

First was with you and second was with the

person you became when you were already mine.

I like not only to be loved, but to be told that I am loved.

I love being loved by you...!
Infinity Love 2U

/* */
left: hmmm looks like me....
right: hmm... looks like... *gasps* ABBIE-CHAN!!!!! (my best friend)

Away-- in a manger...


2008-12-01 07:47:08 by technolife

December is here! Let the month of Christmas begin!

(EDIT1) AHHHH! my computer is being crappy right now TT_TT i wanna start over and watch Chobits, bit i cant because my computer is making it stop suddenly... it sucks MORE because i cant watch the first few minutes without saying, "WHAT THE HELL?!"

(EDIT2) anybody play TricksterOnline? im up and ready to play ^_^
name: Tishomara lvl.26 bunny

(EDIT3) i had a half day today! YAY!

Hot n' Cold - by Katy Perry

/* */


The Food Chain!

2008-11-28 13:54:19 by technolife

hello people!!!
i hope everyone had a good thanksgiving!!!! ^_^

everyone who comments has to type their favorate food dish they liked for thanksgiving dinner!
let me start off...


one of my favorite japanese bands!!
(EDIT1) i transformed back to amy form ^_^
yura yura- by Hearts Grow

/* */
Kasanaru Kage - Hearts grow

/* */
Sora - Hearts grow (this one is one of my favorates!!

/* */

The Food Chain!


2008-11-25 17:33:50 by technolife

this dude is insane!

/* */
this one scared me

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */