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drawing has been my meaning of life- so dont troll me about that.


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Yo everyone.
I'm looking over some of my posts on her and HOLY SHIT was i embarrassing.

I'm not active on here anymore. That part is obvious. And i've changed a lot.

For example.

I am now 16. I'm gonna be a junior in High School this coming August. I'm pansexual and i go by male pronouns now, and I plan to transition to male once i'm done with high school and manage to make enough money to afford it. Yeah, bet you didn't expect that.

I very rarely watch anime, as much as it saddens me to say. The last thing i ever watched was a few episodes of Attack on Titan, and No.6 a few months back.
I have a girlfriend now and we're writing a story involving all the characters i draw nowadays- and we plan on creating a webcomic series in the upcoming future.

I love Homestuck and still kind of like Hetalia. I plan on cosplaying some of the characters alongside my girlfriend and her bro in the future. It's gonna be really fun!

Last school year was really big considering my artwork. I entered the Scholastic Arts festival and all 3 of my digital works won Gold Keys- Which is like the equivalent to first place or a blue ribbon- and one of the pieces won an American Vision, where the work is one of the few chosen in each region to be sent to New York to get judged. Whoever wins that would be able to fly to New York and partake in some sort of event. I didnt'win passed getting American Vision- But what i had achieved was still a really big deal. I plan to aim for New York this next school year.

I have lots of friends. I'm part of this group that people from all over my town come together to meet up and talk about Homestuck- and pretty much all of them are my friends, and their ages range from early teens to the 20's. I have all sorts of friends at school who are bronies, band geeks, anime nerds, gamers, thespians and choir dorks. I love every single one of them.

My main focus right now is my art, and it would be really sweet if you looked around my gallery and told me what you thought. I'm also open to talking to those who want to know me again.

I have two blogs, and a deviant art account- along with another art website account.

Personal Blog: BoomboxSprite
Art Blog: BoomboxVillain
DeviantArt: Technosara
Sumo: BoomboxSprite

Ok. I guess that's it for now. C:

Pure As Snow by Me.

Ok so Yeah HELLO.

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