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HOORAY!!! ^///^

2009-03-13 08:11:55 by technolife

wow! its Spring Break!!

i am soooo tired, and now i have a whole week to sleep and plan #5 prt2!

(ok im back)

well, your probably like: wtf? why she raichu?

i had a dream that i turned into a raichu and i was in a search for my friend and when i founds her, she was a pikachu! weird huh? and i also became a raichu cus i felt like it. it seemed fun at the moment.


now that im reading the last book of the Ink sereis, InkDeath, im sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!11onetwo!! im almost done, i just have to read about 150 or 200 pgs left! (wow thats FOR-EV-ER!)


oh, and im going shopping tomarrow, so dont expect me to be on the whole time tomarrow!! (pshhh... like im on these days anyway.. ,-_,-)

</div>Kiss Me Again (original)

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Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire

/* */
Dreams of an Absolution (Lb vs Js remix) Clash....<3

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Hot N' Cold haha! this is like my theme song XD

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Hanamaru Sensation

/* */
Nai Nai Nai

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Dear you ~hope~

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this was soooo adorable and suited me so much (to someone...) i just had to put this one here!!!!

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aha... what a funny pic! sonic and pikachu will be on next post.

HOORAY!!! ^///^

LoM episode 5 part 1

2009-03-08 16:22:18 by technolife

HA! its finally here, the one and only, Legend of Mana!!!
soooo sorry i had to make you guys wait, and to make up for it, im gonna work on this one very hard!! *raises two flags that say, VICTORY!!!*

/* */
LOM 5~~~~

vampire: you dont need to worry about that, little miss.

*he lifted her head higher, and he slowly moved his face closer and closer to hers. he looked deeply into her eyes.. his eyes were so beautiful, yet so frightening... she could eigther kiss him or bite him.*

Mana: who..who are you?

vampire: hmph.. you ask to many questions!

* he wasnt that much older than her.. he had a pretty mature face yet a childish

Mana: t- tell me!

vampire: ...fine then.. ehem,

*he let go and her and crossed his arms, and started to slouch, giving him an uncaring, bored expression.*

Edward: I'm Edward Folcom..used to be a vampire knight of the lands south of Rosario... hmph.. (<--- my friend asked me to name him that.. yes, i know.... Edward cullen, Twilight.. dont ask...)

Mana: what do you mean, "used to be,"?

Edward: grrr..its a little rude to ask someone you barely know about their past. 'specially bad ones.

Mana: ok ok, but where's Hakujo??

Edward: you dont need to be worrying about her.. shes out in the bushes looking for me...oh, poor girl, she tripped...

Mana: eh??

*she walked back to her room, and looked into her window...the girl did trip...*

*Edward followed into her room and looked around*

voice: hahah...heh...

Mana: what are you-?

*mana turned arounds and saw somthing that made her filled with embarrasment and anger... the perverted bastard was looking through her bag and found her underwear!!*

Mana: WHAT THE HELL ?!?!

Edward: you dont have a bad taste in panties...<3


*she immediatly punched him right under the jaw and kicked him to the wall, and pinned him to it with her hands, her cat-like claws digging into his skin*

Mana: ok, now tell me...

*she pressed harder..*

Mana: why are you here?!!

Edward: you really DO ask alot of questions!

*she snarled...*

Edward: ok.. i came here to relax, and gaze at all the wemon, blessed with their beauty....

*he looked down at her and gazed into her eyes again... how beautiful they were! she hated him to be so idiotic and childish, and yet be! she didnt want to admit it to herself, but it was true.*

Edward: but in MY opinion, you the most beautiful one here....

*he gave a frendly and almost cute smile. and whispered:*

Edward: you are the most beautiful one here, your higness!

/* */
ok, ill finish the rest of this later! thank you!
this is how i imagine Mana would look like! ^///^

LoM episode 5 part 1

AWWW! on noes!

2009-02-23 18:54:34 by technolife

oh my gosh-ness! how long have i not been on?!! i feel so guilty... sob sob...

you see, ive been hackin' busy with lots of school stuff. i was failing a subject and have been going through a few hard times. (im very be honest.) and ive also been busy reading my books and ive also been just... lazy -_-''

ill try to make another episode of LoM soon..

wait a second.. i dont have this one yet >_<

/* */

/* */
one of my favorites! ~_^

/* */
im still trying to show this to my friend. but i guess she too lazy to find it^_^''
it still leaves a smile on my face...

/* */

AWWW! on noes!


2009-01-28 08:55:56 by technolife

but its more ICE than snow... but my school is still delayed by two hours! yay!
i wish this happend alot sooner!

(you can tell that i drove all over the streets with my 4-wheeler XD)



2009-01-27 07:40:01 by technolife

erm... sorry about that last post... i was a bit hyper at that moment... ^_^''


Me: Hello Maizy the reporter here. welcome to ND. where we talk about news and gossip in Dreamland.

Me: our first topic, this summer, a new movie will be coming out based on our Super Star, Kirby!

me: how do you feel about this accomplishment, kirby?

Kirby: i feel totally honored! we even made a trailor! here it is!

*we both turn and look at the screen above*

/* */
me: wow...erm.. very....exciting, kirby. realistic.

kirby: i know isnt it?!! i mean, we did a perfect job on the animations! dont be too jealous! tehheeheee...

me: erm.. yes, well i guess thats all today....

me and kirby: BYEE- BYEE!!!

kirby: poyo!


im insane from playing too much kirby super star ultra......

i now claim next month, febuary, KIRBY MONTH!!!

Kirby: yup, yup!

/* */
a little note to myself in the future. ignore it.. (must watch hoshii no kaabi ep 2... type in kirby of the stars episode 2 part 1...)

News in Dreamland. (i might be going insane)


2009-01-22 08:10:19 by technolife

wow i FINALLLY finished my 4th...

i wont be posting stories for awile because of school.. (god hackin' damnit...)

and i keep askin my mom to take me to the bookstore to get more books, but she always says she does and doesnt take me.... :( well now i got to go... now enjoy the song~

Ne-Ni-Ge De Reset!

/* */


LoM episode 4 part 1 and

2009-01-11 17:36:06 by technolife


well in the last episode, i saw a few rude comments. if you read the comments or made them, please read post 21.
and since my step dad drops in and out at the house, i wanna remind you: if an episode if split up into parts, i will make the 2nd part (or so on) when hes not home.

YES!!! episode 4! before i started to make this story, i had episodes set up, and this one i wanted to do very much since episode one. if you guys dont like it, its okay. comment your opinion, but nothing too rude or your comment WILL be deleted. thank you~

/* */
* finally after 2 and a half ours, Mana and Hakujo arrive at an Inn and Spa...*

Mana: *eyes sparkle* THERES A SPA HERE?!! i didnt know common folk had spas here! so they do massages and those little fish that eat dead skin?!

Hakujo: dont get too excited. its just those little hot tubs made of stone.

Mana:oh... -_-... well, why didnt you tell me this earlier?!!!

Hakujo: i wanted to see you get shot down

Mana: Your a cruel, sly little girl, Hakujo...

Hakujo: aha... i try!

*they enter the Inn and walk to the counter*

*the lobby had a brown old couch and a few wooden chairs. and inside the fireplace, a blazing fire was dancing. in one of the wooden chairs, there was a teenager in a pink cotton dress holding a (probably) 10-month old baby. she had bright blond hair and was a bit tan. you couldnt tell what colors her eyes were because of the reflection of the sparkling fire in her eyes. the fire looked like it was performing a show for the baby and the girl. the crackling of the fire sounded like it was singing a soft lulliby to the baby. the baby's eyelids were falling slowly.*

Mana: who is she?

Hakujo: Opal. the baby shes carrying is Edmund. Opal was Sexually Harrassed by a strange man on the street. but she seems to be doing well taking care of her baby...

Mana: how terrible...

*hakujo turned her head to the woman working the counter*

Hakujo: Nandla, we need a room and a locker key please.

Woman: OH! hi hakujo! how long do you need to stay?

Hakujo: Just for tonight. *looks at a clock on the wall*

*the woman had curly long brown hair. and seemed pretty old. she was probably 5 and a half feet tall and was pretty fat. she looked like she was turning into a grandma soon*

Hakujo: wow 12:34 a.m. already...

Mana:really? if felt like an eternity since we left the kingdom...

*mana looks curiously at the woman writing down Hakujo's request*

Mana: *whispers* how do you know her?

Hakujo: well, after my parents attempted to kill me, they got killed themselves. and she, Nandla, took me in when she was in the kingdom for some bread and i was wandering the streets.

Mana: Hakujo, how come you never tell me anything about your past?


Mana: i want to know! can you tell me tonight?

Hakujo: .... fine but dont think wrong about me.

Mana: *thinks* "dont think wrong about me"? i wonder what she means about that..

Nandla: okay, would you two like to share a locker?

Hakujo: no, separate...

Mana: what? we could share one!

Hakujo: trust me, no. we cant. they are small and-

Mana: ehhh we can share one! i mean, it cant be THAT small...

Hakujo: sigh.... fine. yes one locker.

Nandla: Okay, here you go, heres your locker key and your room key... your locker number is #4. and your room number is #4 also. okay, 20gold coins... but how about just 8 hakujo?

Hakujo: Thanks, Nandla!!

Nandla: no problem. i mean, your technically my daughter, after all!

* Hakujo and Mana climb up the stairs to the second floor, and down the narrow hall to the door numbered 4.*

Hakujo: here we are!

*hakujo opened the door to a small room. it had a pine dresser and a bedtable. on the bedtable had an old lamp. there were two twin beds with coffee and tea stains. across the room was an old chest and a large floor to ceiling window.*

*hakujo and Mana set their bags down next to the door and stepped in. Mana whent strait to the bed and let herself freely fall onto it*

Mana: AAHHHHH a real bed!! i missed a bed~!

Hakujo: its just been 3 hours...!

Mana: so? we've been walking for so long and dont forget about that damned spawn-of-the-devil shadow...

Hakujo: crap.. you got a point there...

~~~~part 1 end
yea im a bit lazy today... but ill try to make part 2 later today.!
the pic of my favorate best friend thats not a human :D
~~~~beggining of part2

*hakujo slowly walks to the bed and lets herself fall into it too, the bed responding with a-* SKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!


* mana jumped up to her feet and broke into a fighting position.*

Hakujo: ITS JUST THE BED!!!!


*mana fell back onto the bed again*

Mana: oh....

*all of a sudden, they hear a rustleing sound from outside their window*


*mana jumped up and fell into a fighting position...again.*

Hakujo: idiot... ill check.

*hakujo walked rather slowly and stands on her toes to look out the window*

Hakujo:....hmm.. a man... why is he in the bushes at the back..?

Mana: hmm? a man?

*mana walked up to the window and spotted him too*

Mana: he seems awfully close to the wemons spa...

Hakujo:.......he isnt good..

Mana: whaddya mean?

Hakujo: i sense hes not good...

Mana: hmmm i see....

*mana looks away and stares at a painting she didnt notice when they got here... it was a painting of her father, which is the king, Lorel, and her when she was little. her hair in a ponytail wearing a sapphire sundress.*

Mana: hmm...

Mana: *thinks* i wonder if father found out i was gone yet...? probably...

Hakujo: hes going through the back door of the inn...!

*hakujo runs out of the room, making mana chase after her, but when mana whent into the hall she ran into a man.. the man outside in the bushes.*

man: going somwhere miss?

Mana: how is that possible...?

man: excuse me?

Mana: oh erm... sorry.

man: no problem.

man: i see you've met miss Hakujo?

Mana: how do you know her?

* the man lifted Mana's face and she finally got a good look at him..*

*the man was blonde and very pale. he had red fiery eyes... and was wearing light blood-red armor. his ears were slightly pointed and she realized...
hes a vampire.*

/* */

LoM episode 4 part 1 and

LoM episode 3 part 2!

2009-01-03 22:07:13 by technolife

(EDIT) gonna be human for awhile again ^_^ if the pic doesnt seemed to be changed, refresh my page

Before you read:

thank you guys for making me go for 3 episodes so far! and this is the las part for episode 3... but episode 4 might have 2 parts also. anyways, i with you guys might like episode 4 not only because a new charactor is coming, but its gonna be funny ^_^ (well i hope it will be!) *whispers* stay tuned.. ^_~

oh yea! the opening and ending themes will be changed every 10 episodes! make sure you catch up!

well, enjoy the show!!!

kirby: ENJOY IT!

~~~~~~LoM episode 3 part 2

Dear you -trust- (LoM 1st opening theme)

/* */
*the shadow hit Mana and she slammed against a nearby tree*

Mana: ahhhh... shit, that hurt.....

Shadow: od ouy yllaer knith ouy nac truh em?! (do you think you can really hurt me?!)

*Mana struggles to get up but finally started to stand*

Mana: have no clue who you are messing with you shadow creature!!!!!

*mana runs up to stab the soot-black beast, but failed again because it tossed her up into the sky*

Mana: gyaaaaaaa!!!

Hakujo: MANA?!!!

Mana: AAAAAHH! im afraid of hieghts!!!!

*mana was finally falling down to the ground and faced down to begin her landing*

(Back at the kingdom in the marketplace)

distant voice: gyaaaaaaa!!!!

Dakota: EH? mom, what was that???

mother: hmm... im not sure....

(back at the woods)

*mana finally hit the ground, and it didnt sound to good*

Mana: ooooh..... god damnit.....

Hakujo: mana!!

Mana: im....o-okay....

Shadow: ahahahhahaaha! ouy hsiloof elttil dlich!!! (ahahahahaha! you foolish little child!)

shadow: i knith sti touba emit i tae eht luos fo sith etuc elttil lrig...! ( i think its about time i eat the soul of this cute little girl...!)

Hakujo: Mana!!!!! come on!!!

*hakujo's eyes were starting to turn watery, and there was one thing everyone in the world could see in her eyes. fear.*

*seeing the fear in hakujo's eyes, mana felt somthing she never felt before..... somthing was rising inside her. she couldnt decide is it was just an emotion, or something else even more powerful than an emotion. thats when the impossible turned....possible*

Mana: Hakujo....

*manas eyes turned from yellow to silver, and her hair black to white like her cat ears and tail*

Mana: dont worry......

* she rose up, as if an ingury never happened, and a blanket of blue energy formed around her.*

Mana: i will save you!

* the energy around her went towards her fists and her feet.*

Shadow: tahw eht lleh si sith!? woh si sith eblissop!!!?! (what the hell is this?!! how is this possible?!!!)

Hakujo: Mana? is that you......?

*mana showed a thumbs up*

Mana: dont worry, Haku-san! i will be done with this....this thing as soon as possible! beleive in me!

Hakujo: ...thank you...Mana...

*mana ran as fast as lightning at the shadow and punched it in the chest so hard she made a whole*

Shadow: hyaaaaaaaa..!!!!

Mana: doesnt feel so good, does it!?!!

*mana showed a devilish smile and a terrifying laugh*

* she kicked it above the creatures hips and the body above that has completely unattached from the lower part of the body, and the shadow has let go of Hakujo*

Shadow: ouy evah now sith emit.... tub eno yad..eno yad ouy lliw esool! lla eht secnatsid ev'ouy dellvart.... lla eht elpoep tath devol ouy dna eth elpoep ouy devol....LLIW EB ENOG!!!!!

(you have won this time....but one day you will loose! all the distances you've travelled... all the people that loved you and the people you loved... WILL BE GONE!!!!)

*the shadow decentigrated, and it seems like the sun had shined again.*

*hakujo rose up and ran (slowly) to Mana...*

*Mana's hair and eyes turned back to normal. and the aura has disappeared*

*when hakujo approched her she hugged mana and burried her face into mana's black sweater*

Hakujo: Mana... what was that..?

Mana: i dont know... i dont know, Haku-san....

*mana ran her fingers in hakujo's short sky-blue hair and rubbed her gray wolf ears*

Hakujo: *sniff...* Mana.. that was scarey....seeing the sudden bloodlust in your eyes...!

*hakujo's eyes started to become tearful again and she hugged mana tighter*

Mana: its okay... im sorry, Haku-san.. i promise it wont happen ever again....*

Hakujo: never?

Mana: hehehe... never-ever! ^_^...

Hakujo: okay...

Mana: hey, haku...

*hakujo lets go of mana and looks up at mana*

Hakujo: yes?

Mana: try to catch me~!

Hakujo: awwwww man!!

*mana started to jog with hakujo chasing after her (hakujo still cant keep up with her though)*

Mana: *thinks* i promise hakujo.. it wont ever happen again..

/* */
~~~~ end of episode 3!!

thank you everybody for reading this!! please, oh please comment on your opinion of this one!

~ yours truely, Technolife <3

LoM episode 3 part 2!

LoM ep 3 part 1

2008-12-31 15:21:25 by technolife

before you read:

sorry that im late posting this... again... :(((((((

~~~~~ Episode 3.....
(note:) i thought this would be a great theme for Legend of Mana....!!

Dear you -trust- (Legend of Mana theme)

/* */
*Mana and Hakujo were just exiting the gates of the city. Mana stopped after stepping 3 steps out of the castle gateway. she never left the city before. she examined the unfamiliar things surrounding her. the grass was blue-green covered in frost and the mountains looked lavender in the distance to their left. the trees were dark-wooded and dead..the dirt road was the same untill it finally disapeared to the horizon. *

*hakujo turned and smiled at mana*

Hakujo: hey! so.. are you coming or not?? ^_^

*mana took a deep breath and showed a thumb-up*

Mana: YEA! im coming.. try and catch me, little one!!

*mana started to run down the dirt road. she was teasing with Hakujo bcause she was half her size and was terrible at physical activities!*

Hakujo: Mana!! *whimpers* you know that i suck in track!!!! <:(

*hakujo starts running rather slowly, and after the ran 10 ft, she started panting*

Mana: haha! slow-poke! ^_^

*mana walks back to where hakujo has stopped by a tree to get a breath. mana bends down facing opposite from hakujo*

Mana: hop on, runt! :D

*hakujo jumps onto mana's back and mana stands up. hakujo doesnt wiegh a thing!

Mana: god, Haku! you REALLY got to gain some weight....your just to easy to carry. you could be taken up by some stanger and be gone in a second! haha!

Hakujo: EH?!? O_O''';;;

Mana: meh.. dont worry

* mana and hakujo didnt say a word after that. its been about an hour and they were now entering a thick wood.*

Mana: where are we now?

Hakujo: well it says here on the map....

Hakujo: it is... Featherly Wood... we need to watch out 'cus it says it owns 10% of the...she shadow population >_<

(Shadows are a terrible demon that eats a persons intellect, strength and soul. it only eats dead flesh. not living. it cant kill somone with physical attacks. he kill its foe, it gathers all the happy memories and mixes the bad memories within the foe and shoots the mixture like a dart at the foe. the foe doesnt loose memories, but it is killed by all the depression within the dart-like mixture. if the Shadow misses, it dies. but it misses on occasion. magic cant kill this demon. onlyphysical attacks can. its only really difficult to kill it with physical attacks though. only one strong person/object can kill it within 15 hits...)

(shadows copy the shape of its foe, but its appearance is pure black.)

Mana: yea, yea but we will be fine! i mean, whats the chance of meeting one? haha!

Hakujo: um.. okay if you guess so..

*Mana takes out her dagger from her bag and goes through the wood. she starts cutting every peice of tall grass out of her way. until they reacha clear part of the forest. its been and hour and a half since they entered and are now in the middle of the forest*

Mana: we can rest here for awhile...

*mana sets hakujo down and leans against a tree*

Hakujo: well we will have 30 minutes to rest... and it will take about another hour and a half to exit this forest....

*somthing rustles through the trees above them*

Hakujo: eep!

Mana: Haku... what the hell was that???

Hakujo: erm i dont know...

*rustles start to continue*

Mana: Hakujo, look for a place to hide!

Hakujo: okay...aak!

Mana: Hakujo!

Hakujo: Mana!

*a shadow with the shape of mana was holding hakujo down on the ground*

Shadow: olleh elttil eno!
(the shadow language is english, but backwards)

Hakujo: Mana!!!

Mana: dont worry, Hakujo!

*mana runs at the shadow and attacks with the dagger tight in her hand. she slashes left and right but nothing seems to work*

Hakujo: Help me Mana! im scared!

Mana: dont worry Hakujo! ill save yo- GAH!

Hakujo: AHH! no!

Amazing Kiss -BoA (LoM ending theme)

/* */
~~~~ end of ep 3 part 1

thank you everybody who read this!
i didnt have any idea to do with this episode so i had to think of somthing fast!!!
but dont worry- i know exactly what to do in part 2!

and please. i beg of you, comment on what your opinion is!!!

LoM ep 3 part 1