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Ok so Yeah HELLO.

2013-07-24 14:54:28 by technolife

Yo everyone.
I'm looking over some of my posts on her and HOLY SHIT was i embarrassing.

I'm not active on here anymore. That part is obvious. And i've changed a lot.

For example.

I am now 16. I'm gonna be a junior in High School this coming August. I'm pansexual and i go by male pronouns now, and I plan to transition to male once i'm done with high school and manage to make enough money to afford it. Yeah, bet you didn't expect that.

I very rarely watch anime, as much as it saddens me to say. The last thing i ever watched was a few episodes of Attack on Titan, and No.6 a few months back.
I have a girlfriend now and we're writing a story involving all the characters i draw nowadays- and we plan on creating a webcomic series in the upcoming future.

I love Homestuck and still kind of like Hetalia. I plan on cosplaying some of the characters alongside my girlfriend and her bro in the future. It's gonna be really fun!

Last school year was really big considering my artwork. I entered the Scholastic Arts festival and all 3 of my digital works won Gold Keys- Which is like the equivalent to first place or a blue ribbon- and one of the pieces won an American Vision, where the work is one of the few chosen in each region to be sent to New York to get judged. Whoever wins that would be able to fly to New York and partake in some sort of event. I didnt'win passed getting American Vision- But what i had achieved was still a really big deal. I plan to aim for New York this next school year.

I have lots of friends. I'm part of this group that people from all over my town come together to meet up and talk about Homestuck- and pretty much all of them are my friends, and their ages range from early teens to the 20's. I have all sorts of friends at school who are bronies, band geeks, anime nerds, gamers, thespians and choir dorks. I love every single one of them.

My main focus right now is my art, and it would be really sweet if you looked around my gallery and told me what you thought. I'm also open to talking to those who want to know me again.

I have two blogs, and a deviant art account- along with another art website account.

Personal Blog: BoomboxSprite
Art Blog: BoomboxVillain
DeviantArt: Technosara
Sumo: BoomboxSprite

Ok. I guess that's it for now. C:

Pure As Snow by Me.

Ok so Yeah HELLO.

Checking In!

2011-09-11 14:25:57 by technolife

Just wanted you to know i dont check here very often. But if you want to talk to me, and just happen to have a DeviantArt account, i strongly encourage you to watch me. I'd appreciate it.

I read all of my comments, to i'd be glad to have a conversation with any of you! 52N4&feature=autoplay&list=WL04701BB6E DABB854&lf=mh_lolz&playnext=1

Alister Valentine - REMIXED by Me

Checking In!

Procrastination Investigation

2011-07-31 19:09:45 by technolife


i keep on forgetting to check here.

sorry for not responding fast enough XD

FLY By Me (TechnoSara on DeviantArt)

Procrastination Investigation

Today i think about newgrounds, remembering my funny nonsense conversations here and there.

So i log in to check everything- see if everybody is ok, and make sure if everybody is gone, like a past incident i had.

I sigh and look at the comments and the conversations with people i dont know- and giggle.
i almost never talk to random people on the internet anymore, except on DeviantArt, the website where i upload my much improved art now. and i see my pictured i showed on here and wince back at their distastefulness.

I look at my past posts, giggling at my grammer and my foolishness. What a fool i was. it may be only 1-2 years since then, but ive matured so much.

And here i wait to see if past friends will come and comment, and accept me back, and forgive my absence, or if they will only look away in disgust or not even come comment because they're gone.


(below is my art for Pray for Japan- it is one of my latest and recent uploads to DeviantArt, uploaded a few days ago.

Back again, a year or so later.

rise again!

2009-09-30 18:42:29 by technolife


i finally got my grades up!

just in time, too!

What i've been listening to:

1234 - Feist

/* */
Rock and Roll Queen - The Subways

/* */
Shut up and let me go - The Ting Tings

/* */

V my friend's favorate character

rise again!

ERROR in my life. LoM!! will be back soon

2009-09-21 21:06:37 by technolife

yea, in school i have a D in math and a D in History, so i will have to worry about those instead of LoM!! for a few days. (or awhile)

its okay, episode 7 will be here soon, just not now....

sorry ....

V officially my favorate character :3

ERROR in my life. LoM!! will be back soon

Birthday present

2009-09-13 17:27:48 by technolife

Shindoukaku - Asian Kung-fu Generation

/* */
this is a bit late.. heh.. happy birthday...

Clash. <3

Birthday present

LoM!! episode 6

2009-08-31 19:14:49 by technolife

[EDIT] the next post will have the character theme songs! everytime a new character or a song is changed, i will show an edit on top of the current post i have on. Thanks for reading and enjoying my story, guys!

its what you all been waiting for! (me too...~)
its episode 6~!!
please, enjoy...

/* */
Edward: Well, i want to come with you. are seriously asking me that? AFTER YOU LOOK AT MY UNDERWEAR AND ALMOST HURT HAKUJO?!?!?! DO YOU EXPECT ME TO SAY, "YES, SURE!" ?

Edward: acually, yes. i do.

Mana: .......

Hakujo: erm... can i get down now....?

*edward realized that he was still holding her in his strong wrapped-up hands*

Edward: oh yes. sorry, squirt.

Hokujo: dont call me that..... ;;

........ *silence*

Edward: oh.... have... i seen you before, squirt?

Hakujo: eh?


Hakujo: EH?!?!?!!!!!

Edward: GYAAAH?!??!!!

Mana: you guys know each oth-?



*just as edward was going to grab Hakujo's hair, Mana got in his way, and pushed away his wrapped hand*

Mana: okay, just what is going on here? how come you guys know eachother?

Hakujo: hes just jealous that im better than him at archery board!!!!

Mana: archery board? .....

Hakujo: its a common game! dontcha' know it?


Hakujo: ohhhh yeah.... ehehehehhh... >_>;;;

*hakujo and Edward explained what happened about a week ago*

Mana: ok so....

Mana: you guys were gambling on a game of this "Achery Board" and hakujo beat you....

Edward: and i bet alot of money! little bitch..

*hakujo just growls at him*

Mana: well... this is just perfect! now we have to negotiate...

*mana points suddenly at Edward, making him jump a little*

Mana: You, i know where this is going!

Edward: your alot smarter than you look...

*edward clears his throat and stands a little straiter, and moves some of his pale golden hair out of his face, and mana's cheeks turn a bit too pink*

Edward: Then you know that im gonna make you guys a deal! Since this little brat got most of my money.....

*Hakujo smirks a bit*

Hakujo: Which is alot.... kekeke...

Edward: I will come with you guys through your journey until you guys gain enough money to pay me back in full.

Mana: ahhhh.... o_o....

Edward: and besides, i have nothing else to do with my life and you guys will need alot more strength in your group if you wanna accomplish whatever you're trying to do.

Mana: we dont have much more choice Hakujo

Hakujo: hes right about the hole strength thing. (and his life) hehe...

Edward: What?

Hakujo: N-nothing! ._.;;

Mana: Ok,then. its a deal, Edward Fulcom!

Edward: hmph..

*Mana shot out her hand with a kind and brave smile, and Edward just hesitated, smirked and slowly shaked Mana's beautiful hand (whish you could barely see 'cus of her fingerless fighting gloves, sadly -_-;;) *

Hakujo: so... do you have a room Ed?

Edward: dont call me that, squirt!... oh and erh... no.

Hakujo: ok ill hook you up with a free room. cus i dont want you little perverted hermit to crawl in Mana's clothes while we're asleep~!

Edward: ahh.....;;

Mana: Ha-HAKUJO!!!

*hakujo sticks out her tongue and winks*

Hakujo: HEHEH!

heh! all taken care of.

/* */

LoM!! episode 6


2009-08-23 18:06:01 by technolife

hello peoples~!

getting ready for school?

anyways i thank all of you for being just totally awesome and being the friends through the year :3

and um... yeah. that is all :D

(P.s.) another LOM!!episode will be coming soon.. (stay tuned...!)

hehe a random pic of my painting i made last school year :D


A Lesson Taught

2009-08-13 00:36:18 by technolife

/* */
"oh my god.......OH MY GOD!!!!" is what i said when i saw the blank, pale face of a dead man.

yesterday, August 11, 2009.

it was just another freakin' boring day and my house... i just got up, put on some clothes, fixed my hair...
ate some lunch... same old same old.

later i said to my sister, "you know i think i should go riding on the 4-wheeler today..." and then said " OH! and maby the day before school, we could go ride it together in the feild!! ^_^ that'd be awesome..."

then the conversation ended.

THEN after dinner i finally asked my step dad and my mom if i could go 4-wheeling (they're kinda over-protective) and while my step dad got it ready and the golf cart moved i whent into our empty room to get the helmet from the closet. (aww... it was so warm in there and it smells sooooo good because of the candles in there)

then i ran out the house, and onto the seat of the ride and snapped the buckle of my helmet, then drove off.

i drove around the alley and the empty lot between two nice houses, then whent back to ask my stepdad if i could go to the big feild.

(there is this huge feild that has trails through it. and deep into it has an open space and a very small lake. across from the feild are a small set of trees, that are all close together, and a huuuuge dry feild of prairie dogs! lots of people go there to ride their bikes, take pictures, or walk and play fetch with their dogs. there, i see atleast a small group of people go there between lunch or the evenings)

ok, so when i was driving through the path i got kind of scared that this huge bird that lives on top of the huuuuuge electric pole would come and try to attack me. (it was like a hawk or somthing...)
but when i was about to go in the feild through the trail that leads to the little lake... out of the corner of my eye... i saw a mans face! HE HUNG HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!

his face.. was so pale and was so expressionless... i cant remember anything else i saw of him besides the rope, and his pale face, and the orange tint of the evening sky.....

i drove right past him, stopped (rather quickly) reversed, and drove back home as fast as i can, without looking at him a second time...saying, "oh my god... OH MY GOD!!!!!"

when i got home, (my step dad was on the porch) i immediatly told him to call the cops.

we whent over to the body (obviously i stayed far enough that i couldnt see him) then my stepdad asked me, "What did you think when you saw him..?" i replied rather stupidly, "i dont know.. 'oh my god, a dead man' ?"

so yea.. we called the cops and the policman said " okay we'll take care of it."

then later tons of cops and vans showed up, tons of people in our neighborhood came out saying, "whats going on?!?!"

my god...

i told my best friend and my dad on the phone and everybody else on myspace...

(what's funny is that my mom was at a Choir meeting for my sister, and in the middle of it my mom got my step's call what happend then she said "Im sorry i got to go. My daughter found a dead guy!" then sister and my Choir teacher said "Oh My goodness!")

now i definitly have something to talk about to my choir teacher when i get back to school XD

HAHAHA...(but that still is scarey D:)

but now that i think about it.. that taught me something.

it taught me... to live life at it's fullest. not to let anything get me down. ending your life means.. that you are weak. living your life means that you are strong.

my friends.... you are strong. We are strong.

A Lesson Taught