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Back again, a year or so later.

2011-03-29 20:09:34 by technolife

Today i think about newgrounds, remembering my funny nonsense conversations here and there.

So i log in to check everything- see if everybody is ok, and make sure if everybody is gone, like a past incident i had.

I sigh and look at the comments and the conversations with people i dont know- and giggle.
i almost never talk to random people on the internet anymore, except on DeviantArt, the website where i upload my much improved art now. and i see my pictured i showed on here and wince back at their distastefulness.

I look at my past posts, giggling at my grammer and my foolishness. What a fool i was. it may be only 1-2 years since then, but ive matured so much.

And here i wait to see if past friends will come and comment, and accept me back, and forgive my absence, or if they will only look away in disgust or not even come comment because they're gone.


(below is my art for Pray for Japan- it is one of my latest and recent uploads to DeviantArt, uploaded a few days ago.

Back again, a year or so later.


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2011-05-01 22:35:02

Wow, long time no see!
Oh wait... you probably don't remember me. I was that one kid who hanged up with SuperSonicDude all those years ago. I was just running by some of my old friends to see if they were doing alright or if they left NG for good.
P.S. Sweet art btw! :3


2011-05-04 19:11:34

Maizy! It's so great to see you again! *hugs*

How've you been? :3


2011-05-04 19:12:39

Incredible art, by the way. :D

technolife responds:

thank you! and its nice to see you, also. :D


2011-07-13 09:53:39

Yo, Techno! Hope you haven't forgotten me. I brang you somethin~

Crap! I left it at home! T__T


2011-07-13 18:45:17

Did you bring me something, too?! :3


2011-07-16 12:43:08


Left that at the house, too. :P

technolife responds:

awww D: i wanted to know what it was!