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A Lesson Taught

2009-08-13 00:36:18 by technolife

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"oh my god.......OH MY GOD!!!!" is what i said when i saw the blank, pale face of a dead man.

yesterday, August 11, 2009.

it was just another freakin' boring day and my house... i just got up, put on some clothes, fixed my hair...
ate some lunch... same old same old.

later i said to my sister, "you know i think i should go riding on the 4-wheeler today..." and then said " OH! and maby the day before school, we could go ride it together in the feild!! ^_^ that'd be awesome..."

then the conversation ended.

THEN after dinner i finally asked my step dad and my mom if i could go 4-wheeling (they're kinda over-protective) and while my step dad got it ready and the golf cart moved i whent into our empty room to get the helmet from the closet. (aww... it was so warm in there and it smells sooooo good because of the candles in there)

then i ran out the house, and onto the seat of the ride and snapped the buckle of my helmet, then drove off.

i drove around the alley and the empty lot between two nice houses, then whent back to ask my stepdad if i could go to the big feild.

(there is this huge feild that has trails through it. and deep into it has an open space and a very small lake. across from the feild are a small set of trees, that are all close together, and a huuuuge dry feild of prairie dogs! lots of people go there to ride their bikes, take pictures, or walk and play fetch with their dogs. there, i see atleast a small group of people go there between lunch or the evenings)

ok, so when i was driving through the path i got kind of scared that this huge bird that lives on top of the huuuuuge electric pole would come and try to attack me. (it was like a hawk or somthing...)
but when i was about to go in the feild through the trail that leads to the little lake... out of the corner of my eye... i saw a mans face! HE HUNG HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!

his face.. was so pale and was so expressionless... i cant remember anything else i saw of him besides the rope, and his pale face, and the orange tint of the evening sky.....

i drove right past him, stopped (rather quickly) reversed, and drove back home as fast as i can, without looking at him a second time...saying, "oh my god... OH MY GOD!!!!!"

when i got home, (my step dad was on the porch) i immediatly told him to call the cops.

we whent over to the body (obviously i stayed far enough that i couldnt see him) then my stepdad asked me, "What did you think when you saw him..?" i replied rather stupidly, "i dont know.. 'oh my god, a dead man' ?"

so yea.. we called the cops and the policman said " okay we'll take care of it."

then later tons of cops and vans showed up, tons of people in our neighborhood came out saying, "whats going on?!?!"

my god...

i told my best friend and my dad on the phone and everybody else on myspace...

(what's funny is that my mom was at a Choir meeting for my sister, and in the middle of it my mom got my step's call what happend then she said "Im sorry i got to go. My daughter found a dead guy!" then sister and my Choir teacher said "Oh My goodness!")

now i definitly have something to talk about to my choir teacher when i get back to school XD

HAHAHA...(but that still is scarey D:)

but now that i think about it.. that taught me something.

it taught me... to live life at it's fullest. not to let anything get me down. ending your life means.. that you are weak. living your life means that you are strong.

my friends.... you are strong. We are strong.

A Lesson Taught


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2009-08-13 01:01:54

Are you serious?! That must've been awful for you!

technolife responds:

it was scary D:


2009-08-13 02:07:32

I know how you feel.
I saw the face of my grandfather when he died...
Thank God he's in heaven. He faught in WW2. Well, sorta. He was an airplan pilot.
But still, there probably would've been a chance of him being assaissinated, but he still survived WW2.

If only he didn't have that damn heart attack...

I'm sorry about what you witnessed. I can't say that I hope you won't see stuff like that again, because I know that everyone has seen what a dead person looks like more than once.

(Updated ) technolife responds:



Lets live long and happy lives..ok?


2009-08-13 02:15:35


I'm still typing too fast. :P

Also, I think the videos on my post would cheer you up a little. That is, If you haven't seen them already.


2009-08-14 20:14:33

its not scary if you dont know the guy...


2009-08-15 22:48:02

i've heard stories, been in the area, been within a mile but i've never seen a dead person :( derek has tho.. he says the person he saw had a peaceful face, like they were sleeping.. i'm sorry that happened :( do you guys know why he did it?

technolife responds:

not really..
all i know is that he was missing for a few days before i found him ._.
oh, and the day i found him, he died like 4 hours earlier


2009-08-16 14:46:39

I'm so sorry you had to see a dead body. It must've been frightening for you.

Are you OK?

technolife responds:

yes im okay heheh...^_^;

almost everybody asked me that....but thanks alot. :3

how are you..?


2009-08-19 20:59:57

I'm OK. I just feel bad that you had to see that. T^^T

BTW, friend of Clash's so it's OK to talk ro me. ;)

technolife responds:

its ok its ok :3

ok :D

man.. school, is coming here in like, 5 days and im going to meet my teachers tomarrow...


2009-08-19 22:57:02

You sure?

I got about 2 weeks. It sux.

technolife responds:



2009-08-20 01:42:43

I've only got 4 days left until home-school. Dammit, I don't want to go back to school!

Also, I'm depressed right now, because I saw the last episode of Death Note....why did Light have to die?!

technolife responds:

oh i remember watching that episode like... 2 or 3 yrs ago.
kinda scarey. awesome.

BTW... 4 days before school for me :P


2009-08-21 06:48:05

Yeah, it sex. :(


2009-08-21 13:16:44

I mean sux! :O

technolife responds:

hahahahahah! :D smooth...


2009-08-21 18:25:10

Man, that was close! V__V"

BTW, check my post. I'm leaving soon.